“I felt like I was hiding for so long because I was hurting and tired. Since I became aware of Widow Care and that someone was thinking of us, I feel alive again. Thank God for Widow Care. For me it is a light at the end of a long tunnel.” - Teresa, widowed

“I found the Widow Care volunteers to be very helpful, reliable and friendly. They took to helping me pack up my house immediately and enthusiastically. The volunteers program for Widow Care is an excellent asset.” -- John, widowed from Potomac

Volunteer Recipients

“In 2012, my husband John was suddenly diagnosed with ALS. Shortly thereafter he, and life as our family knew it, passed away. Grieving and uncertainty filled the wake of his passing. However, the loving care and support from close friends and church members calmed these waves, transitioning me into this new season of life. I will be forever grateful for the love and care I received during the most challenging time of my life. I am excited to know that Widow Care is making the same loving care and essential support possible for other widows and widowers in, and around Montgomery County” -- Kathy, widowed **

“As a widow, there can be things that overwhelm you or that you relied on your husband to do. With that can come stress, anxiety and feelings of isolation. I am so very grateful for Widow Care’s immediate and compassionate response to my request for volunteers who have graciously and selflessly helped me organize paperwork and learn new computer skills. Widowhood is a life-altering experience and yet widows and widowers can be an “invisible” population-- but we’re out there with needs.”-- Leann, widowed in Rockville **

**Note: We do not offer these volunteer services anymore. Please continue to check our website in the next few weeks to learn about a new volunteer program that we are launching called the “Widowed Mentorship Program”.


“I invest in Widow Care because I have seen first hand the incredible need that exists for widower’s to receive care and support after they have experienced such a difficult loss. I believe Widow Care is positioned to answer these needs and care for widower’s in very specific ways. This is an organization that is much needed.” -- Michael, Montgomery County Resident